Tips To Select Domain Name for Your Website

So finally you are ready with your corporate website with design, graphics, images and content all being embedded. Now what? You need to come up with a good domain name for it. But prior to that you need to think and consider a lot and avoid rushing. Here are some tips to follow. Keep on reading it.

Research online

Before making domain name selection, do some research online. The best place to do it online is go You can buy the desired domain URL from this site to have what you want to see and use.

You can also take assistance from NameCheap, another site that comes up with good domain names. Domain names sell rapidly. So register for your favourite domain name by shelling out the least amount of money.

Make it Unique, Short & Easy to Remember

Don’t try to emulate another popular site that already exists when it comes to keeping a domain name for your site. Avoid plural, hyphenated or wrongly spelt adaptation of an already reputable domain because people will get confused and tend to forget it. Even when people suggest it to their friends or relatives, they might forget to put that hyphen and end up landing on your competitor’s site instead of getting directed to your own. Therefore, keep the domain name unique and simple.

Thinking in terms of brand and marketing value, it should be easy to type and remember, since it has to be constantly used for word-of-mouth publicity and SERPs. Keeping it simple and short will help the consumers when they type it on search engine sites (such as Yahoo, Google, Bing) as well as yourself when you tell others about it. Always remember that most of established sites that have become big brands have used a unique, simple and memorable domain name.

Keep your brand in mind

The domain name you have chosen should complement the website name and the brand you represent. All websites are named after the domain names.

Select the extension COM, ORG, or NET suitable for you

Most organizations use COM, ORG, and NET extensions as their website’s domain name. Another option is to have a name that is country specific. If your website or business provide products and services to the local society, such as a restaurant business or consultancy, then having a country-specific domain name is perfect. It will help the local people to know where is your origin, since they will not prefer to go to eat to another country. For instance, .in, .au (India and Australia).

If you’re building a blog, company website, or e-commerce portal, then ensure you go for .com extension.

While com is accepted by most of the site owners .org sounds to be more like a non-profit organization rather than a corporate setup. So you have to be careful while choosing business domain name for your website.

Domain name is an integral part of branding and marketing strategy. A good domain name is what will distinguish you from your competitors in search engines like Google. Follow the above tips and keep the domain name of your website accordingly.

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