SSL Advanced Technology: Giving New Dimension to Web Data Security

What is SSL?

Have you ever wondered how online transactions, login credentials, credit card numbers, social accounts in digital media and e-commerce are kept confidential and protected from unauthorized access? The answer is simple it is through SSL, an abbreviated form of Secure Sockets Layer. It is a standard security technology that creates a secured and encrypted connection between a server and browser in the web. SSL keeps all user data secret and confidential.

How SSL keeps user data private?

SSL technology makes use of a group of public and symmetric key encryption for establishing security and safe data transmission between server and browser.

SSL operates in TCP/IP protocol and comprises two sub protocols for transmitting information and data routing on a network. The two sub protocols are “record” protocol and the “handshake” protocol which facilitates clients to validate a server and encrypt the link. After validation, the exchanged information is encrypted with the client and server launching cipher settings and a shared key. In this way the website data stays confidential and safe by preventing unauthorized access and keeping hackers at bay. The user is not able to see how the whole process of encryption takes place as the URL will automatically change from http to https after the server is validated.

For consumers, enterprise and governments, SSL is of utmost significance that gives them respite from breach of web database privacy while buying online, loging into social media and email accounts, and processing of credit cards while shopping and others. With it individual names, date of birth, emails and passwords can be easily protected from being stolen.

Advantages of SSL

Reduces scams from cyberattackers :
The last thing you would definitely not want is getting your data stolen through fraudulent activities by cyberattackers while shopping online. With cyberattackers masterminding hacking, it has become a major menace to online users.

Phishing has also become cause for concern especially in the field of online transactions. It is the process of sending deceptive emails claiming to be from trustworthy companies to tempt individuals to disclose private details, like passwords and credit card numbers, online. In the form advertisements or delivery confirmation, these emails often misguide the customers making them fall into their trap. SSF safeguards the customers from all these scams.

Builds customer confidence :

For online stores, integrating SSL technology for data encryption in the website can reap in huge financial rewards. They can win trust of the customers and thus exhibit exemplary business model. It is also essential for companies to make use of this technology as with websites, a lot is at stake and any kind of scam can tarnish the brand image of the company. With this advanced security measures, both small and reputed companies can boost their sales by improving its online reputation.

Essential for accepting online payments :

During online shopping and credit card payments, SSL is indispensable for the customers. It only transmits the confidential information only to the intended person who is supposed to accept the payments.

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