Mind-blowing Tips to Create Appealing Banner Ad Design

One of the best ways to increase traffic of a website is banner ads. They are prolific and ubiquitous online adverting that has become popular among companies who want to boost their sales and garner more visitors. Moreover, banner ads are affordable and effective to enhance awareness regarding a brand. Right from Titan to Flipkart to Toyota, all companies are using banner ads to reach out to more people and disseminate information about their latest products, offers, discounts and freebies. In order to make the ads more clickable, planning is required right from the beginning. Here are some mind-blowing tips to create effective banner ads for companies that will generate more clicks. Keep on reading the blog.

Use a Powerful Call to Action :
For more engagement, clear and powerful CTA in a banner ad is necessary. It should depict what users can get from the ad when they click on it. A strong CTA will avoid doubts and confusion that will also let them know where they will be directed once they click on the ad.

Make the ads interactive :
Advancements made in web languages facilitate us to press on the limits of the banner ad box and become more creative and dynamic. Add tag lines to communicate with the customers. Adidas made use of interactive banner ads perfectly by adding a tagline “Impossible is Nothing.” For designing effective banner ads, hire professional companies.

Create a simple ad design :
Keeping the ad design plan will compel the customers to see the ad again and again and click on it. Put content wisely and clearly provide if you are offering some discounts, free shipping services or any kind of new product that you are launching.

Make the text comprehensible :
Make the caption and body copy of different sizes, make sure the headline and body does not exceed 4 lines. The font size should not be less than 10pt. Avoid cursive, script and extremely thin fonts.

Design should complement the brand you are promoting :
Since by clicking on the ad, consumers will be directed on the landing page of the company, the reputation is at stake. Ensure it looks consistent with the company’s branding so that users get the clear message and you tell your story.

Use Images As Per As Requirement :
Don’t put irrelevant images or graphics that can mar the charm of the ad. Don’t use abstract or vague concepts to enhance your advertisement.

Colors are the Key :
For creating the mood, use of different colors overall is essential. You need to have a comprehensive knowledge about the functionality of different colors and what they stand for. For instance,

  • Pink is associated with femininity and love
  • Green is related to health, nurturing and nature
  • Blue stands for elegance and serenity
  • Yellow is epitome of energy and optimism
  • Red is an embodiment of excitement and passion

Remember color is an integral aspect when it comes to creating a good banner ad design. One wrong move can mar the whole campaign so use them appropriately.

Select the correct file format :
Professional companies use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Flash and for that JPG, PNG, GIF, or Adobe Flash files are perfect.

Consider the size of the banner ad :
It is best to use standard banner ad sizes as it will keep things interesting and lead to more number of clicks among the users.

Consider the following sizes :

  • 336×280 Large Rectangle
  • 300×250 Medium Rectangle
  • 728×90 Leaderboard
  • 160×600 Wide Skyscraper

Follow the tips above and create the best banner ad design to entice more traffic to your website. So get started now.

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