Know the Pros and Cons of Pinterest Marketing

For building brand and community, Pinterest is the place to make it happen. Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google, Pinterest is taking the world by storm. Here’s looking at the pros and cons of Pinterest for business.

Pros :

Generates huge referral traffic

When it comes to generating referral traffic, Pinterest has outranked both You Tube and Twitter. The reason for this is Pinterest has a unique design and each image that you put in the pinboard is hyperlinked to the original source.

Information can be easily shared

Pinterest helps in creating brand exposure and a community by enabling the followers to share the information embedded with images easily. This garners a lot of traffic and engagement to the site.

You can get started free of cost

Pinterest builds a strong online presence for digital marketing for products and services on a limited budget. You can start free and expand your business. Even if it does not work for your business, you can move away without any loss.

Content is visual

Pinterest allows the sellers to build an excellent marketing strategy by uploading a marvelous picture of their product or service with vital information. This means content is visual and users will not have to make extra effort to browse or surf the coveted product or service.

Opportunities for market research

Not all marketing strategies work in favor of your business. Some click while some don’t. Pinterest is a wonderful social media site that not only offers marketing opportunities but also market research to improve your strategies with target audience in mind. You can communicate with the Pinterest communities and what to do for improving your marketing campaign by seeing pins and comments.

Conversion rates are higher

The conversion rates on Pinterest have a tendency to be higher in contrast to those of Twitter or Facebook. Conversions on Pinterest also tend to spend about 2.5x more per conversion than the other two platforms.

Advertise in different ways

You can provide tips, guidelines, ideas on product using, share how to prepare a homemade remedy for beauty problems, and what inspired you to get into business. There are a variety of ways you can promote your business on Pinterest.

Cons :

Targets female visitors

Pinterest viewers are mainly women so it can be said it is driven by women. 85% of the site traffic comprises of women demography. This means men aren’t there yet in the platform. It has been found that most of the users who visit Pinterest are below the age of 45.

Problem of copyright

There can be copyright issues caused by many users pinning and re-pinning images possessed by others. Some official bloggers have expressed worries for these probable copyright issues.

More content is required to get shared and noticed

In Pinterest you need to exhibit a lot of creativity on a regular basis to get noticed on it. The average Pinterest for Business account will need to share between 5-20 pins per day which means if you possess 5 boards you will require 100 pins every day.

Pinterest marketing can give your business a new dimension, but it too has its pros and cons. Hopefully, the above blog will provide you the necessary information that you require.

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