How To Effectively Use Pinterest To Promote your Brand?

Are you confused about how to use Pinterest effectively to market your business? Are looking for good marketing strategies to promote your brand on Pinterest? Then, you must read this blog as it describes how you can use this platform to reap maximum benefits for your business. Here we go.

Connect with the buyers
If you are looking for one social media platform that audiences irrespective of their age and demography love spending time is Pinterest. The conversion rates for Pinterest traffic is 50% more than the conversion rates from other social media traffic sources. So it can be concluded that Pinterest is an effective social media platform for marketing. The best way to promote your brand in this channel is to connect with the potential buyers and build a long-term trusted relationship with them. This will also help you to get a large number of followers in the site but beware having large number of followers does not mean they are right for your brand.

At first begin with finding the individuals who are searching online to buy your products or hire your services. You can do it by:

  • Looking at the pins showing on your website. For this, you need to surf to
  • Use the same ploy for your industry competitors — surf to
  • Make use of Pinterest analytics
  • Sell fashion, food and home decoration

If your business is related to lifestyle, it will sell better on Pinterest. If you offer products related to fashion, food, shoes, gifts, gadgets, home decoration then it is the perfect platform to promote them. At present, 80% of it’s customer base is women and therefore all your marketing efforts should revolve around them.

Decide the posting rate
Make a posting agenda, and then measure the audience feedback before radically increasing or decreasing the frequency of pins. You have to be spot on when it comes to determining the ad posting rates as excessive pinning can irritate the audiences while too little can make people to forget your brand.

Show your token of appreciation to your fans
Express your gratitude to your followers for their continual support. You can share your thank-you pins even at other social networking sites to reach as many fans and followers as possible.
Integrate the ads with informative and quality content.

Don’t think yourself as an advertiser, instead think in terms of a content marketer’s perspective to relate to your audience. Create content that is loaded with information and keep them customized just for them. This will help you to go viral.

Survey has revealed that most of the viewers on Pinterest prefer to click on pins such as blog posts and articles instead of the shopping sites. This means quality and engaging content is sufficient to drive them towards your products and services. Posting topics and tips on beauty, fashion, decoration, food, holidays and events will be a clear winner. Infographics and photos are popular too on the site apart from high-quality content. Use tools like Canva, PicMonkey, and Post Planner to create graphics in Pinterest.

Improve your brand
Make your products look as good as possible in front of the audiences. Use refined marketing images and simple photos to engage the fans even more.

Which of the Pinterest marketing strategy you liked the most? Give us your feedback and comments.

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