Technological Seed Funding to Startups.

Divinotech invests in seed- and early-stage companies in their technological part with high growth potential. We invest in industries with which its members have experience.Our members bring their own expertise to the table and can actively participate as much as they like in the Fund's investment decisions, and can personally invest alongside the fund.


Our Source

Technological Investment opportunities are brought to Divinotech from members, affiliated organizations, fund managers and other institutions. Deals may also be submitted through our website here. Submitting companies MUST submit a PowerPoint and Financials with their executive summary.

Our Evaluation Process

The Evaluation Team members will review investment opportunities, and if the Evaluation team approves the funding request then further proceedings will be conducted.



Due Diligence Committee

A Due Diligence Committee will be set up for each company approved by Divinotech for due diligence. Each Due Diligence Committee will make a recommendation, and pending a vote to invest by the members of the company, will prepare a term sheet and negotiate the terms of investment.


  • Source Check
  • Region Selection
  • Funding Idea Analysis
  • Area of Funding
  • Invest-ROI Analysis
  • Budget Manipulations
  • Company's Benefit
  • Delivering Strategy
  • Risk Monitoring


Why Divinotech?

Well, we would ask why not. After all we bring everything you need to get an engaging website. We dont believe in bragging, but we do have the talent to make difficult look easy. You can find Divinotech in Justdial, Sulekha, Indiamart, Zaubacorp, Local Diaries, Connect2india, affiliatfix etc.

Get in touch for a discussion yourself. We love chit chats.


The work of Divinotech is accomplished through our effective team members. Our members are our most important asset. We make every effort to capitalize on their talents and skills.